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A: You are downloading a tool to develop software, not the software itself. It might be an installer of the program, but it is also possible that the program simply is missing from the site. If you want to use it, download it and run it. If you have other questions regarding its use, ask on Programmers.SE. A: This is not an official release of the software, but an installer for the software. When you download an installer, there is a higher probability that the installer is reliable and will work on your machine. Mason Corbett, the grandson of controversial Kentucky preacher Martin Luther King Jr., will appear at the Republican National Convention to read "The Raven" at Dr. King's request. The actor, who is black, will read the same poem King recited before his death in 1968 at the 16th anniversary of King's assassination. Mason Corbett appeared at the Republican National Convention in 2008, representing the conservative Values Voter Summit. "It was Dr. King's request and I want you to know I will give a speech that will show the American people the real Martin Luther King Jr. I am looking forward to it," Corbett said in an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday. Corbett, who is African American, described the speech as a "very personal" reflection on King's life. Corbett's grandfather, the Rev. Martin Luther King III, said in a statement that he wanted to offer a piece of his family's legacy to the nation. "As his grandson and next-generation leader, it is my duty to preserve the ideals he fought for and give his legacy to future generations," Corbett said. More:Republican National Convention kicks off with Donald Trump's 'acceptance speech' More:Donald Trump's speech to the RNC was the most tweeted in history More:An overlooked passage in Donald Trump's address to the Republican National Convention Corbett said he was humbled to participate in what he described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "I have been honored to share the podium with people such as Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. It will be an honor to stand beside Dr. King for one night and say a few words in his memory," Corbett said. Corbett said he was on a plane from his home in New York to Los Angeles on be359ba680

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